Get Haunted Event | June 17th, 2023

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GET HAUNTED has designed its paranormal events so they are suitable for all levels of experience. For those new to the paranormal and have no equipment, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. For those that are no stranger to investigating, we’ll happily work right alongside you as you navigate the location. Maybe we can learn from each other!
A sleepover ghost hunt at the legendary SHANLEY HOTEL … It doesn't get better than this!
The deep-rooted history of the Shanley has been featured on many television shows and YouTube channels. It is way too much to post here, so please follow the links at the bottom of the page for a deep dive into the long history of the Shanley but … I’ll say this:
You are NEVER alone in the Shanley Hotel. This place is wild, and it can absolutely take your breath, and maybe even your courage, away.
Please contact us with any questions.
Pricing is per room and each room can sleep a certain amount of people. When you purchase a room, you are purchasing a ticket for however many people that room can sleep. Rooms are not refundable.
If you have any special requests, please email us at
 Check-in time is 6pm (for those that have booked a room)
 Event Check-in time is 7pm
 Event Check-out time is approx. 3am
 Check-out time is 10am
• While our events have a format, they are not structured to the point where you are a spectator. We are there to work together, as one unit. As a team.
• Once checked in, the evening will begin with introductions and if available, a historical tour.
• We will then gather to develop a plan based on our format.
• Smaller groups will be assigned based on experience levels, and off we will go. This is so you’ll have the best public investigation possible. The entire evening is about you. We investigate WITH you, not in front of you.
• During the investigation will discuss and utilize various investigative techniques, equipment, and methodologies. We will spend plenty of time in the known hotspots to see who or what we can coax out of the darkness.
• Later, we will regroup and recap our experiences.
• Now it’s time for the second phase to begin. This is where you go off on your on and explore utilizing what we've already covered, or your own techniques. Someone will always be close by to help you out if needed. You can also use our equipment, etc…
• Throughout the night we will offer various experiments and challenges …. if you're feeling like testing your limits! (Perhaps you’ll even get to investigate a haunted object or two … maybe.)
• Refreshments and snacks will be available all night. Feel free to bring your own.
What to Expect -
• A clean and legitimate investigation. Nothing is faked. Nothing is staged. We will try to debunk everything as much as we can.
• Fun, friendly, and experienced investigators. We have been doing this for a long time now and quite frankly, we can keep it fun, even on those "quiet" nights.
• A balanced approach to investigating. We approach it from all angles – scientifically, spiritually, and psychologically.
• Evidence that you can take home with you. With Get Haunted, you will be able to bring home most of the evidence we capture that evening (if any). Some evidence, like video footage, needs to be reviewed but we will make that available to you as well.
• If nothing else, a fun night of spooky adventure, stories, and great company. This event is most definitely “family style”.
• We have many repeat guests, and we think that is a testament to the staff and what we do.
What You Should Bring -
• A flashlight (red would be best)
• An open mind
• A sense of humor
• A camera
• Any of your own equipment (it’s okay if you don’t have any – we have plenty)
• And… a bit of courage - this place can get scary!
We are a very fun and exciting team to work with, but we are very serious about respecting the property, other people's experiences, and the law. Do not show up under the influence of anything, do not show up looking to be rowdy, do not even think about damaging or defacing anything onsite…. we love our location owners as much as we love our guests! Good news - we haven't had any issues yet!