Karen Tatro Spirit Medium | April 10th

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Return to the Infamous Shanley Hotel
April 10th 2021
56 Main Street
Napanock NY

$135 p/p
Message Karen Tatro to book!!
*2 are required in a room. Some rooms sleep 2-4.
The Gentleman's quarters sleeps 5- 10. It is designed for a large group of friends.

The Shanley is my favorite location!! I have investigated this hotel for many years now and never am disappointed. It is warm and welcoming and extremely active!! Come meet the spirit for yourself!!

Tickets are $135 p/p this includes potluck dinner, investigation and sleep over!!

"You are invited to Karen Tatro~Spirit Medium at the infamous Shanley Hotel, in Napanoch, NY. Explore history and hauntings with them, and for the truly adventurous, spend the entire night!"

Meet and Greet and Check in at 6:00
Pot Luck Dinner!! Bring a dish to share as we all get very hungry over the course of the evening. 6-7

Karen Tatro ~Intuitive Medium
I have always had a connection with the spirit world. From the time I was a small child, I could see, hear and feel the presence of spirits and knew beyond my intellect that the Divine Spirit world existed. I have often described my life as having, "one foot on Earth and one in the Clouds". I embrace and share my abilities for the purpose of inspiration, wisdom, and healing.

I really began my deep inner quest when I started my magazine; The Mirror Magazine, which encompasses the overall conceptual belief that I have; we are all connected. I use this gift in many ways; assisting home owners with paranormal activity, educating the public about my passion to bring "Spirituality to the Paranormal", and offering Mediumship readings and galleries for people wanting to connect with their Guardians, passed loved ones, and Higher Beings. My cases, as well as my magazine have been featured on Syfy's Ghost Hunters TAPS, and My Ghost Story

Important information about the event
Please note that Tickets are non-refundable. Due to keeping our prices low for events and often turning people away, as events become sold out, we cannot refund tickets if you are unable to attend.

In order to keep the prices affordable, accommodation tickets are sold with the awareness that we will be filling each room with guests. Our goal is to not bunk total strangers and will assign people rooms based on how many group tickets are purchased together. Most rooms are Double Occupancy and some are larger to accommodate 4. So if there are two of you, you will have a room of your own.

(*If you purchase a single ticket, you will be bunked with other guests. If you wish to come alone, but want a private room, you will have to purchase two tickets.)

Welcome to the Shanley Hotel, a gracious old-style inn nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains of Ulster
County, New York. It consists of many rooms, a hidden basement room, and a former bordello.

Paranormal activity can be experienced here at any hour of the day or night. Reputable paranormal
investigators have documented activity with EVPs and photos, and countless guests have told of their
experiences. Ongoing research has uncovered news articles and other documentation about past
inhabitants and events at the hotel.

Rocking chairs have been seen rocking on their own, mysterious clocks chime, cold and hot spots felt,
along with aromas such as Emma's (in spirit) home style cooking. Many report hearing sounds such as
James Shanley's (deceased former owner) whistling, footsteps in the halls and on the stairs, opening
and closing of doors, piano music, voices, or laughter of children. Some have seen mysterious
shadows and apparitions, report feelings of being watched and followed, and objects moving or being

Upon entering the Bordello, people have reported feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath, heaviness
and feelings of joy/sadness. The 'Bordello' is considered the most active place in the Hotel.

Rumors of mysterious cover-up deaths, murders and secrets are slowly revealed from the spirits whose
stories want to be told - the good times and the bad. Book your stay and see why we say, "The Spirits
Are Inn"!

Legal Disclaimer: The Shanley Hotel, and Karen Tatro, are providing an opportunity for exploration and entertainment purposes only. By attending this event you do so of your own free will. All experiences are subject to your interpretation. It is also understood by participating in the event we provide NO guarantees you will have a paranormal experience