October 5th | One Year Anniversary Fundraiser Event with Scotty the NJ Medium and Mike Dolan & Brian McCauley from Demon Files

$298.00 - $750.00
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Price of room is based on double occupancy.

If you wish to add a person to your room* at a discounted rate please click here.

*Select rooms only (Rose Room, Oscar Grover, Silent Room, Esther's Room (up to two extra)

Help celebrate our first year anniversary with this amazing fundraiser event!


Check-In - 6PM
Meet & Greet - 7PM
Pizza - 7:30PM
Mediumship Gallery - 8PM
Giveaway Drawings - 8:30PM
Paranormal Investigation - 9PM
Free Time After 1AM
Check Out - 10AM


Scotty the NJ Medium

Scott is a psychic medium with a practical down to earth view on all things spiritual, ghostly, paranormal, supernatural and beyond. Currently Scott is a blogger at his website scottythenjmedium.com and has his own YouTube channel where he keeps fans delighted with paranormal adventures, his day to day activities and giving advice to people experiencing paranormal or possible psychic phenomenon. When Scott isn't busy vlogging or blogging he is a sought after top rated psychic medium in NJ and beyond. Scott has been featured on Inside Edition and on the Travel Channel show "Paranormal 911." (Season 1 episode 1 story 1). If you ar elooking to have stories validated or debunked of the supernatural happenings in your business location then Scott is a clear choice as he also has been apart of the Paranormal Activity Research Society for several years and investigated some of the most intense cases in NJ and NY have to offer. Visit Scott at scottythenjmedium.com and the paranormal investigation team at parsinestigations.com. Scotty on Inside Edition https://youtu.be/jQtl59o73TU  Scott's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbGOLcvgZncVEvxY5pwVyag

Brian McCauley

Brian McCauley has 18 years of experience as a paranormal investigator. He became intrigued by the afterlife after witnessing a string of paranormal phenomons in his personal life. Brian was not startled by these occurences but rather it funneled his passion to help others find peace with their paranormal experiences. Brian uses his discernment as a tool to lead investigations. He can sense unrest the second he walks into a haunted location. Brian has studied many aspects of the paranormal realm and his knowledge is a useful key when encountering different types of hauntings. Over the last few years Brian has been an investigator with renowned demonologist Ralph Sarchie ("Deliver Us from Evil"), starred on Destination America's "The Demon Files", and continues to work with Mike Dolan on many cases. Brian is very easy going and brings a sense of calm and understanding when dealing with the families involved in the cases he takes on. He truly loves helping people and works in physical therapy when he is not dabbling in all things paranormal. Brian is truly passionate about the work and has made it his life's mission to help others both in this life and in the after life.

Mike Dolan

Mike Dolan has spent his entire life interested in the paranormal. He first became involved with it in 1982, after he witnessed an apparition in his own home. It became his first true investigation. For the next 36 years, Mike ahd a mission: to research and investigate the afterlife, seeking the truth. He did so by investigation some of the most haunted locations, connecting with the most respected people in the field, and taking on many complex cases involving homeowners and businesses. His entire perspective and purpose changed, however, after encountering a demonic presence at what was supposed to be a routine home investigation. Since that time, Mike has come to know that working with people negatiely affected by hauntings is his calling from God. Over the last several years, Mike has been an investigator with renowned demonologist Ralph Sarchie ("Deliver Us from Evil"), starred on Destination America's "The Demon Files" and continues to work with the show's costar Brian McCauley on many cases. They are both cofounders of Independent Paranormal Research Circle. He approaches each case with an open heart and spiritual protection.