Special Event w/ Dave Schrader & Scotty the Medium | Friday, April 26th, 2024 & Saturday, April 27th, 2024

$35.00 - $449.00
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Special Overnight Event with Dave Schrader & Scotty the Medium!

Friday, April 26th, 2024 & Saturday, April 27th, 2024


Meet & Greet/Gallery Reading Ticket Only $35 per person
- This includes events from 4pm until 7pm (Meet & Greet, Q&A, Dave Schrader Speech, and 45 Minute Gallery Reading)


Overnight Package - $449 for two people*
- Includes all events for the night including Meet & Greet/Gallery Reading Package

*Some rooms may sleep additional people which can be added for $149 per person (please email bookings@thehauntedshanelyhotel.com to add additional people). Silent and Oscar Grover can hold up to one additional person, Esther's Room can hold up to two additional people.

Bordello rooms are investigated and must be left open until 1am.


If you purchase both Friday & Saturday's Overnight Package, you will receive a $60 Credit to our Gift Shop! 



4pm | Meet & Greet with Dave & Scotty

4:45pm | Formal Question & Answer with Dave & Scotty

5pm | Dave Schrader's Speech & Presentation

6pm-6:15pm | Break

6:15pm-7pm | 45 Minute Gallery Reading with Scotty the Medium

After 7pm, Meet & Greet/Gallery Reading Only Ticket Holders will be dismissed.

7pm-7:30pm | Dinner Break (Pizza & Salad for Friday Night | Meatballs, Ziti, & Salad for Saturday Night)

7:30pm | 1 Hour Gallery Reading/Ouija Board Session with Scotty the Medium

8:30pm | Break

9pm | Shanley Presentation with History & Evidence

9:30pm-12am | Paranormal Investigation with Dave Schrader & Scotty the Medium

After 12am you may have free time in designated areas.

10am | Checkout


Dave Schrader

Dave Schrader is the lead investigator on the paranormal TV series, The Holzer Files & Ghosts of Devil's Perch. 
Dave has led a life filled with the supernatural which has lead him deep down the rabbit hole of paranormal investigations. 
You can listen to Dave on The Paranormal 60 Podcast or come investigate with him as he enters the historic and haunted Shanley Hotel for the first time ever!
Scotty the Medium
Scott is a psychic medium with a practical down to earth view on all things spiritual, ghostly, paranormal, supernatural and beyond. Currently Scott is a blogger at his website scottythenjmedium.com and has his own YouTube channel where he keeps fans delighted with paranormal adventures, his day to day activities and giving advice to people experiencing paranormal or possible psychic phenomenon. When Scott isn't busy vlogging or blogging he is a sought after top rated psychic medium in NJ and beyond. Scott has been featured on Inside Edition and on the Travel Channel show "Paranormal 911." (Season 1 episode 1 story 1). If you ar elooking to have stories validated or debunked of the supernatural happenings in your business location then Scott is a clear choice as he also has been apart of the Paranormal Activity Research Society for several years and investigated some of the most intense cases in NJ and NY have to offer. Visit Scott at scottythenjmedium.com and the paranormal investigation team at parsinestigations.com. Scotty on Inside Edition https://youtu.be/jQtl59o73TU  Scott's YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbGOLcvgZncVEvxY5pwVyag