Non-Sleepover Paranormal Mini Investigations

$60.00 - $75.00
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Non-Sleepover Paranormal Mini Investigation - $60 per person ( Special Friday night events $75 pp)

  • Arrival Time 7:30pm | Tour Begins 8pm Sharp | Runs until 11pm (Friday Night events run until 11:30pm)
  • Investigation consists of:
    • - Brief History and Evidence
    • - Paranormal 101
    • - Staff-led Paranormal Investigation in designated areas with various Paranormal Equipment (with two scheduled breaks)

Non-Sleepover Paranormal Mini Investigation & UFO Museum Package - $75 per person 

  • 4:30pm-6pm at the Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum
  • Between 6pm & 7:30pm Dinner Break 
  • Arrive at Shanley Hotel at 7:30 pm | Starts at 8pm Sharp | Runs until 11pm
  • 4.5 hours of tour for $75 per person
  • Included in this package will be a discount coupon for a local eatery in Pine Bush (Long Street Tavern) located right next to the UFO Museum (82 Main Street, Pine Bush, NY 12566)

The Haunted Shanley Hotel presents,


Exclusive Guided Tour

The Pine Bush UFO & Paranormal Museum’s Exclusive Guided Tours delve deep into the realm of the mysterious. Guided by one of our exceptionally knowledgeable tour staff, the extensive 90-minute tour explores the history of UFO and paranormal activities in the Pine Bush, Hudson Valley and New England areas.

Visitors are guided through detailed and life-sized exhibits revealing the researched findings of the unexplainable. You will be informed of UFO experiences, Alien abductions, Sasquatch sightings and an array of paranormal occurrences. The guided tour also includes a collection of haunted artifacts, each with their own macabre tale to tell.

Your Museum Guide will provide a comprehensive summary of paranormal information and foster a space where you are free to share your paranormal experience and ask the questions you need answered. Be prepared for a unique, immersive experience into the unknown.

Some Important Policies and Procedures of the Shanley Hotel

  • Certified Service Animals Only
  • No one under the age of 13 is permitted on site.
  • No guests under the age of 18 allowed without adult supervision.
  • Everyone has to complete a waiver.
  • No smoking, saging, smudging, incense or candle burning inside the hotel.
  • No alcohol or drugs permitted.
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol permitted. You will be asked to leave and no refunds issued.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed on premises.

Days and spaces are limited. We have a NO REFUND policy. Any changes to your booked mini investigation must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Absolutely no exceptions to refund policy. Payment is immediately charged to your payment method at time of booking. All reservation changes must be made by email