Onvoy Ghost Box

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Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator

Your designated messenger on a mission to the other side.

Designed specifically for paranormal investigations, this device presents entities with a simple and flexible way to communicate with us. Onvoy offers the ability to deliver words, phrases, numbers, emotions and yes or no answers through a uniquely simple, transparent and documentable method.


  • Offers ghosts an easy way to communicate
  • Displays words, numbers, yes/no and icons
  • Scans environment for spikes in EMF, temperature and touch
  • Lighted display, indicator lights and audio alert
  • Full control over sensors, speed and sensitivity
  • Rechargeable, long lasting battery

Featured on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Brothers: Lights Out

Communicate with ease.

Just a simple touch, energy spike or temperature change allows for open-ended communication with no word databanks or complicated code for entities to navigate. By employing practices we theorize ghosts may already be familiar with, this device puts those learned tools to work. Through basic touch or tapping, magnetic fluctuations and temperature swings, spirits can now articulate their connections with us. In turn, we learn from them what methods suit best.

Let the environment speak.

Onvoy gets to work scanning through a set of diverse choices. While that’s happening, there are multiple sensors looking for environmental changes. As soon as a spike occurs, it makes a selection with an audio alert, displays it on the screen and lets us know which sensor was triggered.

Onvoy Video Introduction
Onvoy Demonstration Video


Words and numbers and icons... oh my! :)

Beyond the dictionary.

As you work to communicate, words or phrases may develop that can be noted as potential responses during your investigations. The flexibility of this technique allows for delivery of names, abbreviations, other languages and even slang - going well beyond the boundaries of a dictionary. Being able to see which sensor was used provides transparency and aids us in learning which method might be the preferred option for each investigation or even location.


Choose how you want to interact with five modes including a set of letters, numbers, icons, yes/no selector and a display of readings plus full control over scanning speed and sensitivity of each sensor.

You can adjust the speed at which it scans and sensitivity of each sensor, independently.

Transparency at its core.

This tool is uniquely simple for ghosts to interact with. You can even produce words yourself to demonstrate how easy and effective it can be. By simply tapping the device you can demonstrate, to ghosts, how easily they can communicate with us.

How is Onvoy different than other 'word generator' devices?

In short, Onvoy does NOT have the ability to spit out random words like many other devices and mobile apps. Anything that is displayed is intentional. And since there are no internal word banks to choose from, if a word is actually formed, you can be sure it was not randomly selected by the device. It actually requires an external force to make a selection. As such, you will always be informed on how each selection was made.

VIDEO Demo: How does Onvoy differ from other word-producing ghost boxes?

The purpose of this straightforward approach is so that we, as investigators, can see how each selection is made. Other devices, mobile apps and software that use word databases and complex formulas to manifest a word require an entity to learn the intricacies of software and coding systems. How do they even know how to pick the intended word? If we, as humans, cannot make it say a specific word, how can we expect a ghost to?

How can I know the difference? Simply put, you should be able to make a word come up on your own. With the Onvoy, you can simply tap the device on the appropriate letters to spell a word at will. No other device currently has this function.

Onvoy is here to evolve that methodology.

By simplifying and making this process more clear, Onvoy presents a more transparent and documentable technique for learning in many ways. Ghosts, who we mean to communicate with, will learn an easier way to interact and WE will learn what methodology they prefer. All the while, Onvoy provides a more simple and completely transparent process for the sake of ease, documentation and learning.

"Onvoy 3000"

If you saw Ghost Brothers: Lights Out they referred to this product 'Onvoy' as the 'Onvoy 3000' with some creative liberty. At the time of filming, this product was still in a prototype stage.