Shanley Afternoon Tea with the Spirits

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Shanley Afternoon Tea with the Spirits:

Beatrice Shanley loved her afternoon teas. We would love to continue that tradition with our own twist.

This event will be from 1pm-4pm on select Sundays. 48 hour Advance ticket sales required. Space is limited to 8-10 guests per event date.

Event will include variuous tea selections and assorted snacks and pastries.

We will talk about the spirits and run various spirit box equipment for a digital seance and may include techniques such as Taro, dowsing rods, pendulums, etc.

During this nice relaxing tea we will  try to talk to Shanley spirit and you may even strengthen your own abilities.

A miniumum of 3 tickets must be sold to hold the tea. You will be notified if the number of tickets has not been met. You may decide on a refund or reschedule to another tea date.