Para4ce PMB Poltertune

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Para4ce PMB POLTERTUNE – Made in U.S.A.

 A new version of the original PMB at a much lower price! The original PMB has become a real hit within the paranormal world and is for example often used by Zak on TV’s Ghost Adventures. The PMB is an amazing instrument that delivers results. However, the Original PMB’s price tag puts it beyond the budget of many paranormal teams and hobby ghost hunters. Para4ce has now released this new version, made in USA, that doesn’t have the costly beautiful high-quality wood coffin shaped body of the Original PMB.

How Does it Work?

When anything seen or unseen passes in front of the front of the POLTERTUNE, its red light lights up and a creepy tune begins to play. This makes it very easy to know when something has triggered the PMB POLTERTUNE!

The POLTERTUNE doesn’t have to be stationary during an investigation as the Original PMB. In other words you can carry the PMB POLTERTUNE around and investigate!

The POLTERTUNE requires no calibration before you begin to use it.

As the original PMB, it has a battery compartment made for two 9 volt alkaline brand name batteries. The two 9 volts batteries ensure long operational time before you have to switch to fresh batteries. The more the music box is triggered – the more battery power is used. So if it is triggered a lot then the batteries will have to be replaced sooner. Untriggered the batteries last for about 12 hours.

The PMBs also work as a trigger object. Entities from past centuries are seemingly able to relate to and like the fact that the PMB features a music box that they can set off so it plays.

How to Use

Insert 2 brand-name alkaline 9V batteries (not included).

Simply move the switch forward.